Infinite Euphoria
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Infinite Euphoria


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Infinite Euphoria – This weed strain is a super rare even balance hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain. Infinite Euphoria is a cross between a trichome oozing Infinity Bud Mother crossed with a trichome oozing Euphoria Unlimited Father. The taste is sweet and skunky with notes of tangerine. Aside from being a quick finisher with just 7-8 weeks needed for flower time, Infinite Euphoria packs. Although Infinite Euphoria is an Indica dominant strain, its effects are more on the sativa side without the overwhelming sedative effects and enough euphoria and energy to the make the strain great for nearly any time of day.

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4 reviews for Infinite Euphoria

  1. GLUE

    Hit me like a sack of stinky galactic bricks. This strain is quite possibly one of the best Sativas on the market. Very Flowery and light smoke, sweet, but potent. When It hits you, you will feel the name. Not even kidding. This reminds me of the old Southern Creepers in the way that you smoke a bowl, and then five minutes later it hits you. Hard. Euphoria is one of those weeds that I can be satisfied completely by smoking just a little bit throughout the day.

  2. w****dlover

    Was looking forward to writing this review. Had 2 of my best experiences ever with this strain. First one was on a regular night with a friend. At some point we went outside to smoke a bowl of this wonderful strain mixed with some amnesia haze. The effect came in very late this time. So I smoked a cig before going back inside. When getting some food and drinks I was thinking we may need to smoke another bowl. But then it hit me, and that was some hit. A astonishing mental high with much laughing while watching tv. I was completely out of my mind and at that point it was by far the best high I’ve ever had. A couple of weeks later we had a second chance at smoking this strain. I rolled the nicest joint I’ve ever rolled with some extra kief and damn that payed off. The effect kicked in a lot faster this time and I was in another world. Best high and best high I’ve ever had.

  3. Pedro Mandez

    This gave me the euphoric feeling along with creativity and the energy to do stuff. Helps with suppression of the munchies. Better if you grind it and do a one hitter. Tends to last longer than most I’ve tried. Anxiety level is way lower and I can actually have a conversation without getting stuck. As for pain…it does help. Taking a piece of medicinal chocolate heightens the body high to relax more and no pain for at least 5 hours. Using a vaporizer is way better. The taste is unspeakable…like a starburst in your mouth.

  4. Gras******

    Had the best sex ever on this. Love it. Didn’t put me to sleep

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