Girl scout cookies Ireland
Australian Girl Scout Cookies
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Australian Girl Scout Cookies


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Australian Girl scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a high Sativa percentage (40 % Sativa/60 % Indica). This strain has THC levels as high as 28%, making it one of the most powerful strains accessible to medical marijuana users. Girl scout cookies Ireland

The high is powerful, joyful, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy, and the high is powerful, happy, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy. Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet, earthy flavour and a similar aroma. It works best for anxiety, stress, and depression, but it can also help with hunger. The only likely side effect is dry mouth, however, others may occur. For more information, contact us. Girl scout cookies Ireland

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9 reviews for Australian Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Chrisxyn

    Hit one, you’re floating in space. Hit two, your head explodes and the pieces drift off into space in a fantastic explosion. Good for stress.

  2. Bandman

    I see a lot of debate about Gsc. Its a very good, sweet tasting and smelling herb. Its not the most potent ive ever smoked but gave me a very strong relaxing head high. No paranoia or too much anxiety, but be cafeful because it is potent. It has the perfect balance of indica sativa. Very clear head buzz with just enough body. Gave me energy but not too much. I feel like I can go walking, play games or do taxes, it doesn’t matter. All and all I love it. Like I said before its not the most potent ive ever smoked but surely in my top 3 for satisfaction.

  3. Matih

    Girl Scout Cookies is a strain I had heard a lot about so when I got the opportunity to try it I was excited. I loved the earthy yet sweet smell and the pungent, but not overpowering flavour that was also sweet and earthy. This strain launched my body into full relaxation with a smooth cerebral high. This is the perfect daytime strin for me as it helps with my pain and nausea without making me locked to the couch. I am sitll able to function and go about my day.

  4. Tee

    Definitely the strain to try. Rapper’s advertise it like it’s that deal… Well, some rapper’s don’t lie, and this strain is tha shit…

  5. Edm***

    Just picked this up from the caregiver, fell in love just looking at the bag. Great smell, fruity earthy, lots of purple throughout and darker green with lots of pistols. Great strain!

  6. Lopez G

    I first thought this strain was a bit weak or at least the batch I had. but then it creeps on you so hard! one of my favorite strains. I don’t get the super munchies with it, but food some how tastes amazing no matter what. amazing anxiety reducer and it’s a calm head high for me. you can get things done while smoking this strain, but also relax with it.

  7. Kiela

    This is a treat I rarely get to experience. Upon opening the package, an all-encompassing aroma washes over me, putting a grin immediately on my face. And it is so beautiful. Whoever made this needs medals. Lots of f*****g medals. After the first taste, happiness rushes in. So tasty. I can’t believe what I am experiencing. It feels like I’m becoming a child again. A very focused child. Focused on eating that is! And now I have consumed too much and need to lie down. But seriously, next time someone comes to your door and asks if you want cookies. You say YES! Nothing like some Girl Scout Cookies. Samoas are my favorite. … EDIT: Ohh.. the weed. Yea, that was good, too. For a full review, read this review again.

  8. Shannon

    Smells like cookie dough, tastes like it too ( I vaped). Initial high very relaxing and uplifting, becomes euphoric and makes your eyes glaze over. Muscle pains, headaches, and anxiety be gone, with half a bowl for a heavy medicator. Mental clarity, floaty-ness and giggles are a pleasant state with the GSC.

  9. Gabriella h

    This is the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I don’t feel worthy of the amazing journey this strain has afforded me. I’ve tried so many strains trying to find a feeling of happiness and this is it. This is heaven. This is life. I just feel so much love for the world. My entire body vibrates. I turned off the oven and decided not to binge eat so that I could meditate instead. Purity and comfort. Beautiful plant.

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